Sandra Ramos Díez

Sandra comes from Valladolid, a beautiful city in the northern plateau of Spain. In 2020, she obtained her Bachelor Degree in Chemistry at University of Valladolid, and she completed her Master Degree in Biomedical Research in 2021 at the same University. During her university company internship, final degree project and master's thesis, she researched on the biosynthesis of Elastin-Like Recombinamer polymers for biomedical applications. These biomaterials may have the ability to self-assemble under physiological conditions, forming biodevices that could interact with numerous cellular targets.

Looking for new fields of knowledge, Sandra is pursuing her PhD in Applied Chemistry and Polymeric Materials at the Basque Center for Macromolecular Design and Engineering in POLYMAT Fundazioa. Under the supervision of Dr. Sandra Camarero-Espinosa, she is working on double-porosity 3D printed scaffolds for mesenchymal stem cell selection and differentiation to promote cartilage regeneration in osteochondral defects. During her free time, Sandra enjoys surfing, cooking, going out with her friends and making peaceful plans on the beach.