About Us

The BioSmarTE group (Camarero Lab) was founded in 2020 at the Basque Center for Macromolecular Design and Engineering POLYMAT, institute that is asociated to the University of The Basque Country, Spain. Our premises were finalished on May 2021, when we started to work in our laboratories dedicated to tissue regeneration. Our facilities are dedicated to biofabrication, synthesis and cell culture.

Since our foundation we have established collaborations with local, national and international groups attracting funding from the Guipuzcoa Provincial Council, the Basque Goverment, the basque foundation for science Ikerbasque, the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN), the LaCaixa Foundation and the European Comission thourgh the Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Action scheme; as indivdual fellowships (IF) and doctoral networks (HORIZON-MSCA-2021-DN-01 Theratools).

We actively participate in societies such as TERMIS (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, ESB (European Society for Biomaterials) and the ACS (American Chemical Society).